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Hi, My name is Steve Nyhof – the founder and president of Steve Nyhof Enterprises, Inc.  A company focused on helping others experience the finer things in life.
Founded in 1998.

I love my wife and children with all my heart. I have learned some hard lessens about relationships, but by God’s grace mountains are torn down, roads are repaired, and life can be made better every day.

Don’t think for a minute that there are things you do in life that just get better without pouring your life into it. Whether it is building a beautiful house, designing the most creative house plan, developing a very profitable Internet business, or nurturing a lasting relationship with the love of your life;  it all takes a proactive approach. Do today what you have been putting off. Take Action.

I have been an entrepreneur from a very young age with a background that took me to Africa where I helped in the relocation of refugees, maintaining the vehicles and the building projects; homes and an air field in Uganda.

Later I spent 11 years in the Tool and Die industry developing some of the most sophisticated systems and processes used in metal stamping.

I grew up with a love for art and engineering and have designed over 5000 house plans over the years for builders and others, selling my plans throughout the United States and Canada. To promote my design business and connect my services to my clients, I have developed very powerful websites to help my clients promote their company’s.

I am also a Custom Home Builder, and have built million dollar homes on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan.  Even though the housing market has slowed,  I continue to draw house plans, further develop websites and services.

I am excited about the future and the challenges that I and others will overcome.

“Life is not worth living if you have not at some point experienced lose or failure so that you can fully understand and appreciate how great you can create your future. Go for it, and never give up! Never.” Steve Nyhof


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