As I Seek Your Face

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 19 January 2011 | Add a Comment

As I seek Your face, I am finding more than I ever dreamed possible. When I place you in the center of my mind, You displace worry to the outer edges. You are like a super-saturated cloud showing Peace into the pool of my mind.

Your nature is to bless me, My nature was designed to receive with a thankful heart. As I trust You more, I relieze that this is a true fit, designed before the foundations of this world. I want to glorify You by receiving Your blessings gratefully.

You are the goal of all my searching. When I seek You, I find I am satisfied. When lesser goals captivate my attention, You fade into the background of my life. I know You are still there, watching and waiting; but I am functioning as if I were alone.

I know Your Light shines on every situation in my life whether I think You are there or not. I am beginning to understand that You want me to live radiantly by expanding my focus to include You in all of my moments. I just want nothing to dampen my search for You.


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