Everyday As I Seek Your Face

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 5 February 2011 | Add a Comment

Everyday as I seek Your Face I am finding not only Your Presence but also Your Peace. I find that I receive Your Peace when I give up how I tend to want to grasp, and try to control my circumstances, to one of relaxing, openness and trust in You.

I am learning that the only thing I can grasp without damaging my soul is Your hand. I am trying to be mindful that Your Spirit lives within me, to order my day and control my thoughts, for when my mind is controlled by Your Spirit it brings me Life and Peace.

I am learning that through thousands of correct choices I make each day, that I can have as much of You and Your Peace as I want. In all the choices I make, I am finding that the most persistent choice I face is whether to trust You or to worry.

I know that apart from You, I will never run out of things to worry about, but I can still at that moment choose to trust You no matter what. You my Lord are an ever Present help in time of trouble. I can hear You say, “Trust Me, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.”

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