Help Me Lord To Follow You

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 1 February 2011 | Add a Comment

Help me Lord to follow You - just one step at a time, just one step. I know that is all You require of me. Fear sometimes gets a hold on me when my attention is focused on the mountains looming, and I wonder how I am going to scale those heights. I want to scale them, and I believe You have put it in my heart to want to.

However, because my focus is so attentive on greater things for me and my family I find myself wanting to run, but I stumble all the time on the path You are leading me on at this moment. As You help me back to my feet, griping my hand with a hold that I know can never be loosed, I look into your caring eyes and tell You that I am worried about the cliffs up ahead. “Slow down, just one step” He says, “just one step at a time.”

I must keep reminding myself that I don’t really know what is going to happen today, and even less tomorrow. Our path, (the thought is empowering to know You are walking with me) may take an abrupt turn, as it has so many times before, leading me away from the mountains. This is when I find myself loosing hope because my ideas for today are not going as I planned.

But as I continually learn to trust in You, I know I can rest in knowing that You can see what I can’t, and that You know of an easier way up the mountains that I cannot see from this distance. “You ways are not my ways” I keep telling myself. I also understand that if You lead me up the cliffs, You will equip me thoroughly for the strenuous climb, and I am willing knowing You are with me.

I also know You will give Your angles charge over me, to preserve me in all my ways. “Keep your mind on the present journey” I can hear You say, because I am learning that it is here, at this moment where I can enjoy the Presence of my Lord.

Every morning when I wake, I will tell myself that today I will walk by faith and not by sight, trusting in You to open up the way before me. I am willing to go around or over the mountain because I know You are walking with me on this journey, always ready to pick me up when I stumble.

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