I Am Enjoying Coming To You

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 16 January 2011 | Add a Comment

I am enjoying coming to You and resting in Your loving Presence every morning. I know this day has already brought with it some concerns, and I am trying to think my way through them. As I am anticipating what is ahead of me, I am easily forgetful that You are with me, now and always.

As I rehearse my thoughts I realize that I am experiencing them many times over, even though they don't exist yet. I am beginning to train my mind to fix my eyes on You when I am feeling anxious, and learning to rest in the knowledge that You designed me to go through my trials only once, and only when they occur.

Help me Lord so I do not multiply my suffering in this way! Instead I want to learn how to will myself into Your Peace and away from my defeating and destructive thoughts. I trust You will strengthen me and prepare me for this day, transforming my fear into confident trust.

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