My Broken Situation Has Shown Me My Weakness

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 16 March 2011 | Add a Comment

I am thankful that my broken situation has shown me my weakness. That has helped me to begin to look to You, my Strength. I am learning that abundant life is not necessarily health and wealth; it is living in continual dependence on You.

I am trying to be aware when I'm trying to fit this day into my preconceived mold, so that I can step back, and relax and be on the lookout for what You are doing. This mindset has been freeing me to enjoy You and to find what You have planned for me to do. I am finding that this is far more relaxing; far better than trying to make things go according to my own plan.

Going through this "shadow of death", I find that I take myself very serious, but I am also trying to smile and laugh as I know I am with You. I have You on my side, and I am beginning to feel that I have nothing to be worried about. You are slowly working in my heart and mind, equipping me to do absolutely anything within Your will.

The more difficult my day is, I am being made aware that it is here that You yearn to help me even more. When I feel anxious, I am trying to find out why I am wrapped up in myself, why I'm trapped in my own thoughts.

I may not always know why, but in any case, I find a place to be quiet and whisper Your Name. In time I break free and receive Your help. When I focus on You, even while writing my responses to You, I am finding Peace in Your Presence.

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