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A Conversation Between God And The Son

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 9 January 2011

This is a conversation between God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. It is written as though they didn't know what was about to take place... But they did.

Father. I have been noticing that your heart is grieving for the people of the earth. While You have given them a free will, they have turned their attention to themselves and to all types of evil against You.

God is starring into space with a sad look on His face and says, Jesus, I wish that we never created them. There is so much they could excel to, but they choose to do so little or nothing at all to share My love with one another. Only hatred and bitterness can I see.

Their sin is great, and each one deserves to be punished for their sin against Me. They deserve death for what they do, and no one, not a single person will ever enter My presence in this condition. I have created a place of great torment, an eternal punishment separated from Me for such as these. God lifted His eyes to His Son and says, destroy them and cast them from My sight.

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