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Patterns Have Roots

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 3 June 2011

Most of us understand what a pattern is as shown in this image, but is it possible that patterns exist in you and I? A tree is a great example of roots and branches and in fact Scripture refers to roots, trees, vines and branches in several places.

A seed gives way to a root, the starting point of an existence, which grows up and out of the ground and quickly forms branches and leaves, and in many cases, fruit. But during the life of the tree, the roots remain, and in fact grow larger and more seated. More rooted as we say some times to things.

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God's Design, Control or Respect?

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 4 March 2011

I have been thinking this morning about patterns instilled into my thinking because of those who would teach by their words and actions instilled in them by a culture that would have us believe that God designed the man to rule over his wife.

I can see the retorted faces of men as they frown, and the brightening of faces of women as they smile, to that statement. Which shows us where our hearts are really at. Men want control by means of authority, and the result is women fighting for equality. Does that sound like Gods ideal design when He created man and woman in His image?

Genesis 2 is Gods perfect design, in Genesis 3, God says that man will rule over his wife. This can be looked at two different ways.

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