The Trinity

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 22 February 2011 | Add a Comment

I was standing outside with the heat of a bright sun warming my face in the middle of winter. I recalled in the Jesus Calling book, Jesus saying that when things are bright, think of Me.

I then looked down at the earth, and also thought of the moon and realized that the Trinity was right in front of me.

I then wrote this poem to help me remember...

Have you ever walked out into warm Sunshine as God designed it for you?
Well, think of God as the Earth, snow capped mountains and shimmering seas of blue!

God the Holy Spirit is the Moon you know, reminding me He contrasts the dark.
You guessed it, God's Son Who sheds His Warm Light; His purpose, a trademark.

The Son Shines on the Wonders of God, His amazing Splendor, His Majestic Glory.
But when the Sun by horizon is swallowed, I recall the death of Jesus and His redemptive story.

The red hues of radiant sunset now left on the scene, are hallowed reminders that blood was shed.
But now with a World lost in shadow, the Moon assures me I have nothing to dread.

How enlightening it is, when I behold the Suns Rays, now calling attention to glorious sky's.
He has risen! And as rapturous as He had left, His celestial presence now fills my eyes.

His smiles are Light, His breath warm; the soothing sound of my name He calls out.
I reach for His hand to make sure of my step, my journey's with Jesus, our path a new rout.

He showed me a World more bigger than life; glorious as transcendent dream,
So remember my friend to open your eyes, the World's amazing, the Trinity Supreme!


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