You Want Me To Be All Yours

Posted by Steve Nyhof on 21 January 2011 | Add a Comment

I know You want me to be all Yours. You have been weaning me from my past patterns of dependencies. I am learning to let go of those who would want to by their finite wisdom control how I should think, but I am leaning instead to put my trust in You alone.

It is new for me to depend on You alone, to let go of the people and things that would have me believe are holding me up. But I do feel like I am walking on a tight rope now with no safety net below. But I am focusing on the true reality of my situation and realize that Your everlasting arms are always there to catch me, when I fall.

I am learning to step in Your footsteps, like a child would his or her father. Only thing is, Your steps are just right for me and I can comfortably walk along with You. What's more, I see You turning Your gaze toward me and tell me, "no friend of Mine need walk behind, come, walk side by side with Me. - Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, can separate you from My loving Presence!" Looking at me with a smile as though studying my face and reaction to His words. Just loving me!

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